How To Maintain Good Dental Hygiene With Braces

Braces are a lifesaver; they give you a perfect smile that boosts your self-esteem and gives more confidence. They do, however, necessitate more upkeep when it comes to keeping them clean.

Be prepared to spend a little more time in the bathroom to ensure that all of the narrow spaces between your braces are properly cleaned. Bits of food can become stuck between the wires and brackets and cause the accumulation of plaque and germs.

Here are a few tips for maintaining good dental hygiene while wearing braces.

Use Proper Cleaning Tools

Cleaning between the teeth, wires, brackets, and particularly towards the back of your mouth, can be challenging. Dental cleaning tools can help make the cleaning process much smoother, easier, and efficient.  

An electronic toothbrush specifically designed for people with braces can help you reach the tiniest gaps between your metal braces, making a big difference to your cleaning routine. The LBailar Sonic Electric Toothbrush for braces delivers up to 45,000 sonic vibrations per minute, allowing it to remove seven times more dental plaque in comparison to a manual toothbrush.

Replace Your Toothbrush Head Frequently

Because of the increased wear and tear caused by the brackets and wires of your metallic braces, you will most likely need to change your toothbrush head more frequently than you'd like. This is where the electric toothbrushes can come in handy because they come with six heads that will last you for months.

removing plaque from teeth with braces using an electronic toothbrush

Make Sure To Brush Twice Daily

You should not be slacking off on your dental hygiene at all, and especially not while having braces on. Even if you used to brush once or twice every day, you should now brush after every meal or at the very least every morning and night.

Use the LBailar sonic electric toothbrush to remove any large food particles lodged around the brackets and in the archwire, then brush your teeth as regular, ensuring the brackets on your teeth are well cleaned. Take your time and be thorough to ensure you don't miss anything.

6 toothbrushes perfect for cleaning teeth with braces

If you want to maintain good oral hygiene while having braces, look no further than LBailar.

We have the best oral care products to help you maintain your dental health. From electric flossers to electronic toothbrushes for braces, we have it all to keep your braces clean.

We also have a 2-in-1 electric toothbrush that also serves as a microdermabrasion tool.

Reach out to us to learn more about our products.