4 Mistakes You’re Making While Using an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are more efficient at removing plaque, and they also use pressure sensors to clean the gums and teeth gently. But if an electric toothbrush is not giving the desired results? I think you might be making a few mistakes.


This blog will explain some mistakes you might be making while using an electric toothbrush and how you can avoid them.


1- Purchasing the Wrong Electric Toothbrush

Did you know that electric toothbrushes come in various designs? If you didn’t, then perhaps you’re using the wrong toothbrush. Ensure that you’re selecting the right toothbrush for your dental care needs. Select a toothbrush with a smaller or bigger head, so it fits perfectly in your mouth without causing any discomfort. Our LBailar electric toothbrushes come with a standard size head that is suited for most people.


Also, choose a brush handle with comfortable material. However, the most important element is choosing an electric toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid hurting your teeth. The bristles on the Flosser Sonic toothbrush come in three lengths for extra flexibility and no pain.

2- Brushing for Less Time

It’s a well-known scientific fact that all of us should brush our teeth for at least 2 minutes. And, yes, electric toothbrushes clean your teeth better, but they’re not magic! Using an electric toothbrush does not mean cutting down on your brush time.


According to the American Dental Association, even if you are brushing with an electric toothbrush, you must brush for two minutes. The LBailar range of electric toothbrushes come with powerful batteries that don’t run out for a long time. So, while using the LBailar electric toothbrush, feel free to brush for as long as you want.

3- Brushing More Than Three Times

Not brushing your teeth regularly can damage your oral health. However, over brushing isn’t the right way either! Brushing your teeth more than three times a day can cause you more harm than good, as brushing too much can wear down your tooth enamel. Furthermore, it can also hurt your gums.


Therefore, ensure that you brush your teeth just twice a day, morning and night, and are gentle while you're at it. Our brushes at LBailar use a gentle sonic cleaning technology so that your enamel and gums do not get harmed.

4- Overusing the Toothbrush Head

The LBailar electric toothbrushes come with six heads, and they are there for a purpose! A good practice is to replace your brush heads after every three months. However, if you notice them getting frayed, change them immediately. Brushing with broken bristles doesn't do you any good!


 The LBailar electronic brushes come with six heads

If you are looking for affordable, quality electronic toothbrushes, we've got you covered! At LBailar, we have a variety of electronic toothbrushes for sale that enhance your brushing experience and leave you with whiter teeth and healthier gums.


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